City of Corfù - Corfù, Corfù - Greece  

Name english: City of Corfù

Name local: Venetian Naval Base

Region english: Ionian Islands

Latitude: 39.6525995730273

Longitude: 19.84669275200656

The Venetian Naval Base is an compound of buildings and structures, constructed during the 18th century, to serve as facilities to repair, maintenance and renovation of the ships of the Venetian fleet, and also to serve as a harbor for the ships that docked there.

The construction of the naval base includes an area bounded by a high enclosure wall, divided in two parts. The first part, located right next to the moorage, included a series of buildings, in the form of canopies, giving shelter to the repairing work of ships and their accessories. The second area seems to include the military camp for the facilities garrison. The two parts of the area were connected through an imposing gate.

At present, in the area of the naval base, we find the ruins of the sheltered areas, part of the boundary wall of the military camp and the imposing gate that connected the two parts of the facilities.

The maintenance state of the Venetian naval base facilities is bad. There are multiple structural problems that need urgent restoration works, otherwise this important monument is endangered.

Besides the structural problems, there are serious changes in the surrounding area of the monument.

Even in today's state, the monument keeps the special characteristics of the military architecture at the end of the 18th century. The compound of the sheltered areas, even though its use was military, it was designed in a way that served its purpose without overlooking the aesthetic value of the construction.

Beyond this, the monument is integrated in a exceptionally beautiful landscape that, even after the terrible changes that have been applied during the recent times, it still keeps a great part of its beauty and singularity.

Site class I: coastal

Use of open areas: 2

Dimension of the building: 4350

Dimension of the site: 900


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